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Bearing Service & Supply, Inc. carries parts and accessories for almost any industrial tool or equipment. We carry parts and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, conveyors, motors, brakes & clutches, drive components, fluid power components, and lubrication equipment. Our 32,000 square foot warehouse facility in Shreveport, LA contains parts and accessories from more than 80 world-class suppliers who are leaders in their industry and have consistently provided high quality products that are built to last and perform at a high level.

Bearing Service & Supply, Inc. is more than a distributor of products. Our staff is full of problem solving industry experts who will assist you in determining which combination of products and services are necessary to keep your equipment and machinery working as well as possible. We are dedicated to quick and high-quality service, and know that deadlines and reducing downtime is extremely important for anyone in the construction, timber, oil & gas, chemical processing, food processing, agriculture, pulp and paper, timber, and rail industries. If we don’t have the part that you need for your tools or equipment, we will make sure that we find that part for you and order it.