Lubrication Systems and Components

Bearing Service is an authorized Lincoln Systems House for the state of Louisiana. We provide a wide range of products and services to meet your lubrication and maintenance requirements. From hand-held grease guns to centralized lubrication systems, we have your lubrication solution.

Lincoln Industrial offers the following three main product groupings:

General Lubrication Equipment
Includes grease fittings, grease guns, pumps, hose reels, and accessories

Automated Lubrication Systems
Lubricate bearings at a predetermined interval with a measured amount of lubricant.
Systems include Centro-Matic, Modular-Lube, and PL2000 systems.

Material Dispensing Systems
Used for measuring, transferring, and applying fluids and semifluid materials.
Products include PowerMaster pumps, ejectors, and measuring valves.

Our sales and service personnel are Lincoln factory-trained specialists, trained to assess your needs, and provide the solution to your lubrication and maintenance problems.